Apple may slash iPhone 13 production due to chip crunch

Apple Inc is likely to cut down the iPhone 13 series production by 10 million units. The production of the product is expected to get slashed due to the global chip deficit.

The firm was supposed to manufacture 90 million units of the new iPhone models by the end of this year. However, as per a report, Apple told its producers that units would be lower. This lower unit production is because the tech giant’s chip suppliers, including Broadcom Inc and Texas Instruments, strive to produce parts.

The shares of Apple dropped 1.2% in after-hours negotiating. At the same time, those of Texas Instruments and Broadcom were both dropped nearly 1%.

Apple failed to clarify. Broadcom and Texas Instruments did not directly reply to Reuters’ inquiries for an explanation.

A few months ago, Apple’s outlook was hindering revenue growth. First, Apple said the chip deficit, which had begun nibbling away at its worth to trade Macs and iPads. They also stated that it would affect iPhone production. In addition, Texas Instruments provided a flabby revenue outlook in the month. As a result, it has indicated the chip stock concerns for the rest of the year.

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The chip crunch, including lack of parts and raw elements like substrates, has had a big impact immense influence on automobiles and electronics manufacturers, driving several automakers to halt production tentatively.

Analysts have suggested that the customers of Apple will hold to wait for longer to lay their grips on the latest iPhone 13, with supply connection bottlenecks and strong interest leading to one of the most extended waiting periods for the phone in up-to-date times.

Research director for Counterpoint Research Jeff Fieldhack, stated the reported Apple production cut could also be part of the iPhone maker’s standard launch method of over-ordering devices to be prepared for an initial consumer rush and then trimming orders as traffic trends grow more apparent.

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