Best Cheap Car Insurance for Young Adults for 2022

Some of the most expensive vehicle insurance premiums are paid by young drivers. When you start your driving career as a young adult, your premiums are determined by variables besides inexperience and high grades. The cost of your vehicle insurance coverage is also influenced by your driving history, level of experience, and credit score.

New drivers should anticipate seeing a considerable reduction in their auto insurance prices if they have a spotless driving record and a decent credit history after leaving their teens and early 20s. They will be lower than those of young drivers, even if they aren’t as low as your parents’. On the other side, you may anticipate continuing to pay exorbitant rates if your driving history includes several speeding citations or a DUI.

The same is true if your credit score is awful. Drivers with poor credit histories should often expect to pay higher insurance prices from vehicle insurers. In other words, having more cheap auto insurance is a result of being a good driver and credit user.

Although purchasing auto insurance is not the most pleasurable aspect of driving, it is a need for getting behind the wheel. If you have an auto loan, it is nearly always required by law and by the majority of lenders. Additionally, the majority of leasing agreements stipulate what kinds and amounts of motor insurance the lessee must have.

USAA has the best rates for young individuals in our analysis of vehicle insurance premiums. According to our research, the average cost of insuring a vehicle for a young adult with USAA is $1,060 a year. USAA provides a sample premium that is around $146 less expensive per year than the next least expensive insurer on our list, despite the fact that individual prices will vary. This is despite the fact that everyone’s premiums will be different. The average typical rate supplied by the nine insurance firms in our research for our young adult driver profiles is $460 more than USAA’s study prices for young men and women.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that USAA (short for United Services Automobile Association) is only accessible to qualifying military personnel, veterans, and their families. According to our assessment of insurance company rates, Geico is the least expensive choice for people who are not a part of one of those categories. The typical yearly study rate for a young adult with this insurance is $1,206.

While the cost of auto insurance is a significant consideration, young drivers should demand more from an insurance provider than just a low cost. Different insurance providers provide their clients with varying degrees of service and pleasure. Some insurance providers provide extra benefits to teen drivers, such as accident forgiveness or roadside assistance. Here are the top five cheapest vehicle insurance providers for young individuals.


USAA is ranked first in our list of the finest auto insurance providers in the nation. More than 85% of USAA customers say they are likely or very likely to renew their policies when they are up for renewal in addition to offering young folks low-cost auto insurance prices. USAA also has a stellar reputation among its member customers for its claims processing.

In our review, USAA has the best rates for young adult drivers. A male young adult driver may anticipate paying $1,086 annually for auto insurance with USAA. According to our statistics, a girl of this age earns an average of $1,033 each year.

Compared to the typical indicative pricing for this age group in our rate research of the biggest insurance carriers in the country, both offer savings of more than $400.

Many customers won’t be eligible for membership since this vehicle insurance firm only offers coverage to honorably discharged ex-military personnel, retired veterans, and qualifying members of their families.


Geico is ranked in the top half of all vehicle insurance providers in our study. Customers of Geico are typically pleased with the way the business manages auto insurance claim situations. The majority of people would suggest the business to friends seeking vehicle insurance. Our research shows that Geico has among the lowest rates in the sector.

For our young adult driver profiles, Geico is among the most affordable insurance providers. Our analysis reveals that a young adult male driver may anticipate paying $1,185 per year and a young adult female driver would spend $1,228. However, everyone’s rates may differ depending on a variety of circumstances. For our young adult driver profile, the study rate for males is about $400 less than the national average.

State Farm:

State Farm is ranked among the top three vehicle insurance providers. Customers like the company’s customer service, claim to handle, and convenience of filing claims. Some poll participants said that working with State Farm for a long time helped them acquire the best pricing and services.

Although State Farm’s premiums are less expensive than the national average, young folks shopping for insurance will probably discover that they are not the lowest ones available. According to our survey, a young adult female driver may anticipate yearly coverage prices of $1,262, but a male driver’s insurance would cost around $1,396. When compared to the average costs for this age group among the nine firms in our survey, those study rates are around $225 and $158 less expensive, respectively.


Travelers appear in the bottom half of our list of the top vehicle insurance providers. Although many of its pricing is competitive, this organization falls short of competitors in terms of client loyalty and satisfaction.

The company’s representative rates aren’t the lowest in our research, but they’re still reasonably priced for the young adult driver profiles in our poll. The indicative rate for the study’s young adult female driver is $1,348 annually, while the study’s sample male consumer pays $1,398. The sample prices for young adult drivers are, respectively, $140 and $156 less per year than the average across the nine firms.


Customers’ praise for Nationwide’s performance in managing claims and providing excellent customer service helped the firm place in the top half of our rating of the best auto insurance providers.

Nationwide’s pricing rates for young adult drivers skews slightly over the national averages found by our survey, but it’s still among the most affordable. The study rate for young adult female drivers is $1,497, which is around $10 higher than the industry average across the organizations we looked at. Young adult men pay $1,608, which is around $54 higher than the standard rate.

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