Best Ways to Automate Your WordPress Tasks and Save Time

Running and maintaining a website will take tons of labor rather its small or large. You need to write content, engage your audience via communication, and additionally having eye on website security. However, doing this does not means that everything is done by you only. By learning a way to automatize WordPress tasks, you’ll place things on autopilot and reduce your own work.

Automation is the term that you most probably familiar with but in WordPress context, it only means that having some tool or software that perform a routine task automatically, without spending your specific time for input. WordPress might not provide several automation options out of the box. However, there are some ways to automate your website using plugins and alternative solutions that are available in WordPress.

In this post, we’ll highlight the best ways that help you to automate your WordPress tasks to save lots of time. Let’s take a look!

As with updates, backing up your website on a daily basis is a vital security factor. A full backup keep in a very safe, external location means that you’re forever ready to restore your website quickly if it’s hacked, data is accidentally deleted, or it occurs a critical bug or any other issue. It’s best to perform backups regularly on your website save multiple copies around. This will be helpful in modifying your content on the website and save your time.

Plugins are your best option for creating a backup schedule and never worry about losing the data. UpdraftPlus is the best free solution available to perform this task. This is a customizable and versatile choice. For more practicality and automation options, a premium BackupBuddy plugin is a wonderful tool.

To keep your website up-to-date is an important factor for guaranteeing that its performance and security are solid. And staying up-to-date will takes a lot of time which affects writing your content and different tasks you are working for. Particularly, when there are a lot of themes and plugins installed and to keep them updated is the routine task. However, if you forget to update them will lead to compatibility and security problems.

WordPress will perform some automatic updates for your website while you will be also able to perform manual updates by coding and WordPress pre-installed features. For taking full control over your updates, you’ll be able to use a plugin’s like Easy Updates Manager to automatize your WordPress tasks and manage them without any trouble.

Please make sure that only update those plugins automatically for which you can trust!

For running a blog or any news website, you need to publish a new post everyday. This is true that if you have a large number of network, you can’t absolutely automatize the method of making and posting content. However, you’ll be able to make it easier for yourself and your team by creating elements.

Scheduling a post manually in advance is the best option, and it turns into automatic after choosing a date and time. If you have a large number of posts, though, you can additionally use a post scheduling plugin like Auto Post Scheduler.

No matter what kind of web site you’re running, a powerful social media presence will boost its success and assist you to build a community. To do this, you’ll need to develop a social media strategy. Then, you’ll need to modify the maximum amount of that strategy as you can, as well as sharing content with numerous platforms.

Revive Old Post helps you modify your WordPress site’s social media by automatically sharing each new and old content to your numerous social network accounts. All you would like to do is set up the plugin once then it will primarily run on autopilot. For additional info, investigate our post on the way to automatically share content on social media.

Most of the time, you’ll automatize your WordPress tasks that have an effect on the front. However, it’s also worth taking note of covert maintenance additionally. For instance, after some period of time, your WordPress info will quickly become puffed with previous information, and slowing down your website. Maintaining your website database will avoid these problems, and can be easily automated.

Particularly, with many other automation tasks, the most effective way here is to use a plugin like WP-Optimize. It removes redundant data from the database and permits you to customize what it cleans up.

If your web site contains a ton of pictures and different media, optimizing them may be a good strategy. This method usually makes the files smaller and easier to load, which ends in quicker page speeds and a much better experience for your users. However, it will be time taking to manually optimize each single media file.

Alternatively, you’ll tell your website what files to optimize and the way how to do so, then let it do the work for you. Image optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole is a superb comprehensive image optimizer that allows you to optimize any uploads to your WordPress Media Library automatically.

As an alternate, you may instead go with Short Pixel Image Optimizer, which gives you plenty of flexibility over the method.

Comments sections are a very important place for developing a powerful community on your website. You’ll need to make sure this can be a friendly place, which means removing spam comments from website as much as possible. By removing comments means that your real audience has the place they have for conversations and queries. However, reviewing each post is not impossible as it consumes a lot of time.

There are a variety of settings designed into WordPress that may assist you to reduce spam, like blacklisting bound words and limiting comment privileges to registered users only. For better security, you’ll be able to use Akismet, a free however powerful plugin that’s enclosed in several WordPress installations by default.

Finally, let’s discuss email marketing. this can be a helpful promotion strategy for several websites – you’ll gather up email addresses from your audience, then send news, content, deals, and more. If you wish to grow an oversized and booming email list, however, you’ll need to automatize it instead of soliciting every address and sending each email by hand.

To do this, you’ll need to integrate your WordPress website with an email marketing service that allows you to automatize key tasks. There is the number of quality email marketing services available for WordPress. Once you select one, you may use a service like OptinMonster to automatically build your email list on WordPress.

In this post, we’ve discussed eight WordPress tasks you’ll be able to automatize to save lots of your time.

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