China to develop tech to deal with misbehaving apps


China will improve detection technologies to find information protection “loopholes” as more effort is being made this year to regulate the country’s huge mobile app market, the information technology minister said.

“Those apps that refuse to accept rectification must be resolutely removed,” said Xiao Yaqing, minister of industry and information technology, at a briefing in Beijing on Monday.

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“On the supervision side, we must also improve our technical equipment capabilities … we must be able to detect loopholes in information protection, so that the masses can use (apps) with confidence.”

China’s regulators have in recent months forged ahead with a crackdown on the country’s technology giants, criticising and punishing them on areas ranging from anti-competitive behaviour to violations of consumer rights.

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For example, they have asked companies to suspend apps for rectifications and in December unveiled draft guidelines seeking to limit mobile apps’ collection of personal data.

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Written by Atif Hasnain


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