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Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

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WordPress is the most popular CMS(Content Management System) for building websites. But there is always common question comes into mind for every new user that: What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Once every new user search on Google for WordPress, it shows you with two results on the top. So, its very difficult for users to distinguish between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and which one to use.

Today we will discuss about both WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which will help you to find which suits you according to your requirements. Let’s get started.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

The major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is based on your hosting services where your website is hosted.

By using WordPress.org, you can build and host your own website.

While using WordPress.com, they take care of your website which is easier to start but you have restrictions.

Nowadays, different hosting companies like Namecheap and Bluehost, provides the same freedom as WordPress.com, but at very cheap rates.


You can build a free website with WordPress.com, but it has some restrictions:

1. You are only able to build website with sub-domain of WordPress.com. Which means you are not able to create your own single name domain i.e. www.yourdomain.com but instead it will look like www.yourdomain.wordpress.com.

2. You are unable to remove WordPress.com and their ads from your website. So, you unable remove WordPress.com name from Footer section or anywhere from the website.

3. You are unable to install themes and plugins by default. Hence, you don’t have any choice for themes installation or plugins according to your requirements.

4. You are unable to monetize your blog or website. Therefore, you cannot monetize your website with any of ads services like Google Ads, Media.net etc

5. You have only limited space of 3 GB. So, you don’t have freedom for building website with more content placed on it.

If you want freedom on your website and run a single domain you need to pay them extra higher charges on monthly and yearly basis.

While on the other hand, on WordPress.org, you can build your completely functional website at very cheap rates depending on the different hosting services provider.

Firstly, you need to choose a hosting service for your website like Nameheap or Bluehost.

Bluehost provides you with most amazing offers:

1. You can start your WordPress website at $2.95/month.

2. 50 GB Storage on starter package.

3. Free domain name for the first year.

4. Automatic WordPress installation upon Signup.

Now come to final words of decision, we recommend you to build your website with WordPress.org as it gives you more freedom and very cost effective to start your website with more capabilities like themes installation, plugins installation and much more.


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