Germany to compel ISPs to give discounts for slow speed

An amendment is expected to be added to Germany’s Telecommunications Act which will allow users to test internet speed, and if there’s a difference between real-world test results and what their ISPs have promised, they will be liable to a discount in their bill.

To test speed, customers will have to use the official internet measurement application that has been provided by the German Federal Network Agency, according to the Bleeping Computer. There will have to be 20 tests in total conducted over two consecutive days, 10 tests each day.

On the condition that the internet download and upload speeds are below 90% the promised ISP figure, the customers will be eligible for a discount.

German consumer protection authorities record that deviations from contractual agreements affect over 50% of users in the country. In most parts of the world, internet consumers pay the same amount for their internet package regardless of the speed deviations.

The new law will come into effect in December of this year, after it was quickly embraced after being submitted in September.

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Written by Atif Hasnain


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