How to Automatically Share WordPress Posts on Social Media

In today’s World era everyone is using Social media for posting their articles and other posts. There are many variants like Tweets and Facebook posts going out every single day, it’s easy for your shares and get involved in the crowd for more audience. Only sharing your content on social media once you 1st publish it’s not enough for maximizing the audience. You need to share every single day or hourly to achieve this goal.

In this article, I illustrate two things. First, I’ll brief the benefits of posting your old post to social media. Then, I’ll show you the way, how to do this work by using plugin known as Revive Old Post.

Importance of Sharing Old Articles

Importance of sharing old posts on social media divided into three core parts:

  • Old Followers, More Traffic
  • New Followers, More Traffic
  • More Timezone’s, More Traffic
1. Old Followers, More Traffic

Due to large number of news feed and reduced organic traffic reach, its common in your audience that they missed some of your posts. Re-sharing old posts gives you the chance to reach the more audience.

2. New Followers, More Traffic

Once your website starts growing, your social media is also growing as well. New followers may missed viewing your old posts. Once you share your old posts, your new followers have the chance to view your posts.

3. New Followers, More Traffic

Sharing only once means that you probably reach only followers from one specific timezone. If you Re-post your old post at different time will increases the chances for getting audience from different time zones as well like Central, European and American.

Let move to the plugin part, how to achieve this using Revive Old Posts

To get started, you need to install Revive Old Posts plugin, they offer both free and premium version as well. I am going to show you the steps for free version.

1. Once plugin is downloaded and activated, you can see tab in the sidebar of your dashboard. Click on it to configure its settings:

2. Go to General Settings:

3. For post format setting click on post format tab:

4. For social media accounts configuration, click on Accounts tab:

5. To view details about post sharing, click on log tab:

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Written by Atif Hasnain


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