How to break a window 8 password without software

If you forget the password of your administration then there are multiple of ways to open it using accessories like the booting system and the serial key which you saved in portable devices.

But if you do not have any access to all these things then there is a single way to break it by simply using a single command that is “shift key”.

First of all, open the Pc/Laptop and press the Shift button multiple time a pop-up window will appear like the below one:

You just left click on the “NO” button.

After that restart your PC/Laptop, while it was starting it gives you the command of two options which is

1  “Launch the Window”

2  “Start Window Normally”

Click on the 1st option that is “Launch the Window” after that a window will appear and the process will start it just look like that you are installing the window but in actual it is totally different from that.

It takes several minutes to start your window and gave you many options by giving multiple choices but you have to decline all of them because those was not necessary for breaking administration.

The system will do all these actions themselves you don’t have to do anything. It will also restart several of time but don’t worry it is the way of process.

After that that your PC/Laptop automatically came to the desktop and when you see in the control panel for the password it will ask you for the new password.

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Written by Atif Hasnain


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