How To Claim Motor Vehicle & Car Accident In USA?

Motor Vehicle & Car Accident Claims In the USA

Talk to Australia’s top car accident compensation lawyers, Gerard Malouf & Partners, if you have been in a car or motor vehicle accident that was not your fault, or was partially your fault.

With a 98% success rate, over 35 years of expertise helping individuals receive the greatest compensation possible, and a tonne of experience assisting and winning successful cases for clients who have been hurt in auto accidents, we are Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law.

Expert Car Accident Lawyers

We are experts in auto accidents and motor vehicle compensation claims at Gerard Malouf & Partners. We are a reputable and skilled auto accident legal firm in Australia.

We represent people who have been hurt in auto or motor vehicle accidents and need assistance in taking on the big insurance providers. We excel at it.

35,000 insurance claims that we successfully resolved resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars for our customers. You should contact us if you need an aggressive litigation company with experience taking on insurance companies.

How to claim car accident compensation

Many individuals are not aware that even if they weren’t driving a car or motorcycle when they were involved in a motor vehicle accident, they may still be eligible to compensation!

This is so that those wounded in other types of accidents are also covered by the compensation program. For instance, the New South Wales Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme covers wounded motorcyclists and pillion riders as well as pedestrians crossing the street and automobile accident victims.

even if the at-fault vehicle lacked identification, registration, or insurance. People who are not hurt in auto accidents may nonetheless file compensation claims in each of Australia’s other five states.

One of the top car accident law firms in Australia is Gerard Malouf & Partners, thanks to the expertise of our staff. We deal with state laws every day, so we are familiar with their “ins and outs.” We are familiar with insurance companies and are able to anticipate their strategies for reducing compensation amounts. Additionally, we have the tools and expertise to get the best results, assisting you in getting the highest compensation award to which you may be entitled.

Our auto accident attorneys handle motor vehicle accident claims for clients in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland.

Find the right car accident lawyer

To guarantee you obtain the most amount of compensation after being hurt in a vehicle accident, you need to speak with a qualified car accident attorney.
In order to assess your claim and provide you with a better understanding of your right to consultation, your attorney should start by giving you a free phone call or in-person consultation.
A lawyer will be able to explain your situation, evaluate your claim for compensation, and determine what kind of compensation you could be eligible for, including:

  • Up to $5,000 in immediate payment for your medical costs.
  • Payment for past and probable future medical expenses, as well as reimbursement for past and rehabilitation costs.
  • compensation for lost income from superannuation and earnings, as well as possible future economic loss.
    reimbursement for suffering and diminished enjoyment of life.
  • Legal costs.


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