How to Download and Install MySQL?

Download Way:

Very easily download MySQL from given below, just click on given and you go to direct download link

1 option need internet for installation.

2 option just download and install offline.

When you click on download here you go another Tab, where you download file. Just click below highlighted option.

Installation Way Step-By-Step:

1. After downloading the setup just Double click on it, and click on Run

2. Now select custom and click on Next

3. Now follow these steps and click Next

4. Here select MySQL Server and click on Execute

5. Now new window Open and select license agreement and click INSTALL

6. Click on Close

7. Now require software installed and click on Next

8. Now icon is ready for installation and click on EXECUTE

9. When both products install successfully, status will be complete and click on Next

10. Then again Click on Next

11. Select Standalone MySQL Server and click on Next

12. Select Configure Type and Port number, after that click on Next

13. Click on Next

14. Now set password & Click Next >> Next

15. Now apply configuration & Click on Execute

16. Click on Finish

17. Now click Next

18. Successfully MySQL install and click Finish

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