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How to Embed PDF Documents in WordPress

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Embedding a PDF documents in your WordPress website is the useful way to display content to users. Like if you want to integrate a Contacts list, Restaurant Menu, PDF or eBooks, Class material etc you could place this as PDF on your website, so every visiting user can easily view, download or print this document according to their requirements.

In this article, we are going to tell you about different ways to integrate a PDF via plugin or directly using Google drive. Let’s get started.

PDF Embedding via WordPress Plugin

Embedding a PDF file in your website using Plugin is one of the most common way for beginners, as it is very easy to configure in few steps. There is the variety of  plugins available, each of which it is providing a unique features accordingly.

1. PDF Embedder (Free)
You will be able to upload file directly into your website.

2. Wonder PDF Embed (Free)
Let’s you embed files directly into post or pages.

3. Algori PDF Viewer (Free)
Enables you to display files using Gutenberg editor.

4. Google Drive Embedder (Free)
Allows you to access your Google Drive documents directly in your WordPress dashboard and let you embed directly into posts and pages.

5. PDF View for WordPress (Premium, $20)
Gives you more controls with attractive features like Analytics tracking, unlimited PDF file size, and personalized logo etc.

All above mentioned plugins are best choice for PDF embedding in your website but we recommend you to use PDF Embedder as it free and very easy to use. It enables you to upload and embed files straight in your posts and pages with additional feature of appearance customization as it embeds document using JavaScript.

Let’s move to the next step that how to install and use this plugin.

1. Open your WordPress dashboard, and go to Plugin and click add new. Search PDF Embedder and click install, then activate, once installation is completed.

2. Then, go to settings and click on PDF Embedder, to configure setup.

In Free version, you will only allows you to set Viewer settings i.e. Height, Width, Toolbar location and Toolbar hover settings.

By default, it displays PDF at its original size and toolbar location is on the bottom.

3. Now go to any Post/Page where you want to display the PDF. Then click on Ad PDF Embedder

4. Then, click on Open Media Library to for PDF selection.

5. Once Media Library is opened, then click on Upload Files to choose file from your computer.

6. Click Insert into post once the file is uploaded in your Media Library.

7. Now, you will see the Short code added in your post/page editor.

8. Finally, once post/page is published your PDF file is ready to view.

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