How To Find A Lawyer And Affordable Legal Aid

Find out the right inquiries to make when selecting a lawyer. Additionally, look for groups that offer free legal assistance and might direct you to a no-fee or low-cost lawyer.

What to Look for in a Lawyer?

Choose the type of attorney you require before searching for one. Typical fields are:

  • Criminal law
  • Family court
  • Tenants and landlords
  • Working and Employing

A lawyer is frequently available for free consultations, at least for the initial meeting. Ask them about their qualifications and costs.

Find Free and Low-Cost Legal Help:

These programmes provide several options for receiving legal assistance. Some companies only provide services to low-income clients.

  • Legal Services Corporation (LSC) – Locate low-cost legal representation in your area.
  • can help you locate free legal services nearby and get answers to your legal queries. For those with low to moderate earnings, several services are available.
  • Free legal form filling assistance is available from Law Help Interactive for documents pertaining to:
  • Uncontested divorce.
  • Identity fraud
  • Visiting privileges
  • Tenant/landlord disagreements

United States Bar Association Free legal assistance On this website, low-income individuals can ask legal issues and receive online responses from attorneys. They won’t respond to inquiries about crimes.

People with Disabilities

Find legal advocacy service providers by state through the National Disability Rights Network.


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