How To Find A U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization Lawyer

Being a citizen of the United States is both a privilege and a duty. You can count on a U.S. citizenship & naturalisation lawyer from our company to walk you through every stage of the procedure if you want to become a citizen of the United States and you think you qualify. We are available to put our legal assistance with US immigration to work for you. To get started, get in touch with Lightman Law Firm right now.

U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization Lawyer

You can become a citizen of the United States either by birth or naturalisation. In reality, depending on the situation, some persons are unintentionally already citizens of the United States since they were born to a parent or parents who were citizens of the country.

Citizenship Through Birth In The United States:

All people born on American soil are citizens of the country, according to the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

This law, which is based on the Latin word “jus soli,” accords citizenship to those born within the borders of the United States virtually always. Depending on the specifics of the situation, such exclusions include the kids of embassy employees and ambassadors to the UN. All 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands are considered to be part of the US.

There are further scenarios when a person’s birth might have taken place inside American territory.

Birth Outside The United States To United States Citizen Parents

Despite not being allowed under the Constitution, there are several situations in which a person may be granted citizenship based on the fact that his or her parents were citizens of the United States at the time of the person’s birth.

The Latin term “jus sanguinis” refers to this process of attaining US citizenship, which is based on a person’s bloodline. In general, if one or both of a person’s parents were citizens of the United States at the time of the child’s birth, the child may have been a citizen at birth.

However, there are a lot of factors to consider when figuring out whether a person received US citizenship from his or her parents at birth or not. The individual’s date of birth, whether one or both parents were US citizens at the time of the individual’s birth, and the parent(s)’ prior US residence status prior to the individual’s birth are some of the criteria to be taken into consideration.


Naturalization is the procedure for getting citizenship after birth, in contrast to the citizenship procedures covered above. Following are some of the conditions that must be met by a potential naturalisation applicant:

must possess “excellent moral character,” be of age and legal capacity, be able to communicate in English at a basic level, have a working grasp of American history.

a person must take an oath of allegiance to the United States, have been granted permanent residency in the United States, have fulfilled a five-year residency requirement, and have spent at least three months of those five years living in the state or district where the application is submitted.

Derivation Of United States Citizenship Through The Naturalization Of A Parent

When one or both parents become naturalised citizens of the United States, under certain conditions, an individual may automatically receive citizenship.

Since the gaining kid is not required to attend any form of naturalisation ceremony, this way of attaining citizenship in the United States is known as “automatic naturalisation.”

The requirements for obtaining US citizenship via parent naturalisation, however, are different. One must evaluate a number of factors when determining whether “automatic naturalisation” took place, including the time period during which the parents were naturalised, the age of the kid at the time of the parents’ naturalisation, and the child’s marital status.

A thorough assessment of the situation’s conditions and components is required.

Obtaining Proof Of United States Citizenship

You must apply for and get a document attesting to your status as a citizen of the United States in order to prove your claim to it. As evidence of citizenship in the United States, a variety of papers are accepted.

These are what they are:

  • United States passport
  • citizenship certificate
  • birth certificate registration with the consulate

Contact A U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization Lawyer

Simply put, anyone seeking to become a citizen of the United States shouldn’t move forward without the support of an accomplished and knowledgeable U.S. citizenship & naturalization attorney. To arrange your initial appointment with our legal team, get in touch with Lightman Law Firm right now.




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