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How to Find Page ID and Post ID in Your WordPress Website

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Are you looking for WordPress page ID or post ID, but not sure how to find it? Then, continue reading we will brief all the basic steps, how to find it easily.

In this articles, we are going to discuss to ways for doing this job. One is using a plugin and the other one without any plugin. Let get started.

Brief Introduction

Every content on your WordPress website always have a unique number associated with it. Whatever the content type it is either post, page, comments, media or any other thing, it has its own number. These unique numbers are used for maintaining your website database and let you to easily find any specific content.

These unique ID’s are very helpful when you are working with Widgets, Sidebars either to display on which page or not. Similarly, you will be able to include and exclude posts/pages from plugin’s functionality by using these unique ID number.

Having these unique ID’s are able to customize your WordPress website according to your requirements. Let’s have a look, how to actually do it.

Using Reveal ID's Plugin (Free)

By using WordPress plugin to grab content ID’s is the most easiest way to find and display it together at one place.  This will save your save time and effort required to gather all posts/pages ID’s by visiting and editing each page.

Reveal IDs is the most popular and free WordPress plugin which is downloaded 70,000+ time and also very easy to install and use. This plugin shows all your IDs in front on every post, page, comments, users and other IDs as well. 

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