How to install Linux using virtual Box?

Before install Linux Ubuntu you must download & install Virtual Box in your machine. How to install virtual box link is given just click on it and learn how to install.

1. Before installation Linux, we need a setup for Linux operating system which you easily download mention below link, just click on it and download setup for Linux

2. After downloading Linux setup then click on Virtual box icon, here just click on New.

3. Now screen appear which require Operating System Name, Type and Version (64Bit or 32Bit) & click Next

4. Further asked for Memory size (1 GB or More), it depends on you & click Next

5. Here said for Hard Disk, do nothing change in that step just click Create

6. In further step asked for Hard Disk File Type, here select ‘VDI ‘& click Next

7. No change in next step, keep the whole entity in default setting just click Next

8. Now you adjust Hard Disk size for your new OS & click Create

9. Now creating our system requirement and select Highlighted Part and click on Setting

10. Here click on Storage and new screen here just click on Empty which is under Controller.

11. Now just click on Little icon on Top-Right side, and Click on Virtual Optional Disk File.

12. Now select your Linux setup where you download and click Open

13. Now just click OK

14. Now set your OS file just Click on Start

15. Virtual box is running and takes several minutes for ready, Virtual box is started

16. First select Language then click on Install Ubuntu

17. Click on Continue

18. Here click on Install Now

19. In next asked for Location, Keyboard Layout, PC name and Password & click Continue

20. Now install Linux OS in your Virtual Box, after installation completion click on restart Click

21. Finally, Linux install on Virtual Box

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