How to install Virtual Box Step-By-Step & purpose of Virtual Box?

Purpose of Virtual Box

Virtual box is a part of software which allow you to run multiple OS on your own machine and switch between OS instances running at the same time. Virtual box works like its working on real hardware. Here important part is that its not working for Games.

Installation way of Virtual Box Step-By-Step

1 First of all, download Virtual Box Step from given below link.

Before download Virtual box, you must select which Operating system use on your Machine then download like that.

2. After downloading the step then click on Setup & click on Run.

3. Now Click on Next.

4. Custom setup screen open at this point without any change just click on Next.

Again, click on Next without any change.

5. Forget Alert just click on Yes.

6. Now after all to these steps’ setup is ready for installation, and just click on Install.

7. Takes 1 to 2 Mints to install, Now click on Finish.

8. Now virtual box is ready for OS installation.

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