How to Install WordPress via cPanel using Softaculus

For installing and creating your website you need to purchase hosting service then you will be able to install wordpress via cPanel using Softaculous (automatic app installer). You will be able install WordPress in a very few clicks by inserting some basic information.

Some basic steps are mentioned below for completing the installation process:

1. Log into your cPanel dashboard by using your login details provided while you purchased your hosting services.

2. Navigate to Softaculous Apps Installer menu and click on it:

3. Now click on WordPress icon, on the homepage:

4. Then click on Install button to proceed next:

5. Fill out the details for your WordPress installation on next page:

  • Select domain name and proctocol https(if you are using SSL), otherwise you should choose http, on which you want to install WordPress
  • In Directory section, you need to set the root folder for WordPress installation by default, it remain empty and  installed directly on your main domain i.e If you want to install like the you need to enter directory name. For most of the cases it remains empty 
  • Database Name remains default, proceed to next step.
  • In Site Settings section, you need to enter your site name and its description. It can also be changed later from WordPress dashboard.

6. Now click on install button, once you are ready.

7. Now your installation is stared and you will get message congratulations, software installed successfully on your domain:

8. Here you go, click on URL yourdomain/wp-admin and log into your WordPress website Dashboard to start working on it.

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