How to make bootable USB for window using Command Prompt Step-By-Step

With the help of COMMAND Prompt, we easily made Bootable usb for Windows. Just follow mention below steps.

1. Firstly, connect USB with your machine and press Window + R.

2. Just write here “CMD” & click OK. Command prompt window open.

3. Now write ‘Diskpart’ & Click ‘Yes’.

4. New screen open, at this time sincere work started for bootable drive. 

5. Write ‘List disk’ on new command prompt screen, here Disk #, Size, Status seem on screen.

6. Now write ‘Select Disk 1’ & press Enter.

7. Now write ‘Clean’ & press Enter.

8. Write ‘Create partition Primary’ & press Enter

9. Write ‘Select Partition 1’ and press Enter.

10. Now here need to format USB, so we write command ‘Format fs=ntfs quick’ and press Enter. Taking some time and then successfully formatted the USB.

11. Just write command ‘Assign’ and press Enter.

12. After all of these steps now type ‘Exit’ and press Enter. And also type ‘Exit’ in Command prompt window.

13. Now click on ‘My PC’ and look USB is formatted successfully.

13. Now here just copy window complete Setup and paste in USB. After all of these steps your bootable USB drive is ready for windows installation.

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Written by Jazib Ali Minhas


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