Now a days, most of the people facing partition problem for their systems. They try to make one more drive partition without using software. Below we write all the steps for creating a partition.

1.  First, Right Click on MY-PC, and select here Manage.

2. Now, a new window opened on your system. Navigate Storage > Disk Management. Click on it and drive list opened in parallel window. Just like that:

3.  Now select the drive on which you need to make partition/divide and right click on it. Click Shrink Volume

Note: Never divide the Boot-able drive or OS drive. By default its C: drive.

4. A new window opened where you can Enter The amount of Space to Shrink in MB: 122000 MB (100GB), 512000 (500GB), then click shrink.

5. A new drive added in the partitions list with Unallocated name. Again Right-Click on it and select “New Simple Volume “then, Select Next for some time and at the last just Click Finish and enjoy one new Drive.

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