Running and maintaining a website is not an easy job. You have to check website performance speed, traffic analytics and much more.

Google Site Kit is specially designed for WordPress.

By using official WordPress Google Site Kit plugin, you can easily configure all Google Webmaster services at one place user friendly dashboard, where you can see overview of Google services like Google Analytics.

In this article, we illustrate all the features of WordPress Google Sit Kit Plugin, what they offer and how to configure in your website.

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Google Site Kit

This plugin helps you to connect below mentioned six Google features on your WordPress website at one place:

  1. Search Console:
    With Search Console, you can monitor your site’s traffic, its performance, and indexing status.
  2. AdSense:
    This help’s you in monetizing your website and you are able to insert ads on your website.
  3. Analytics:
    By using Google analytics you will be able to gather data about your website visitor’s which helps you in marketing and optimization as well.
  4. PageSpeed Insights:
    This tool help’s you to analyze website speed performance, which is based on overall score. This also suggest’s you how to improve your website mobile speed as well as on desktop.
  5. Tag Manager:
    By using Google Tag Manger you are able to insert a piece of code and tracking pixel on your website without modifying the original code.
  6. Optimize:
    This help’s you to run A/B test for your website. Which gives you better results by gathering data from Google Analytics, for better improvements.

Once installation and configuration is completed, you are able to see key performance indicators on your Google Site Kit dashboard. Like with Search Console, you view overall impressions, number of clicks, and top search queries.

Google Site Kit makes a lot easier process for Plugin configuration. You can just need to allow some confirmations and all done.

How to Use Google Sit Kit with WordPress

Here are the few simple steps to configure and running for your WordPress website.

1. Go to your plugins section on WordPress dashboard and click add new plugin.

Search Site Kit by Google and Click Install Now after results are shown.

2. Once plugin is installed, click on Site Kit on your WordPress dashboard. 

Then click on Start Setup button.

3. Verify your site ownership by singing in with your Google account.

Click “Allow” on each next window appeared, to continue processing.

If you already linked Google Search Console with your website, it automatically configure it for your, otherwise it requires setup to complete settings.

Click “Add site” it will setup it up Search Console for your webstie.

4. After configuring basic setup for Google Site Kit plugin, it bring you to dashboard and show’s you the  links to configure additional services.

5. For every new service setup you need to allow some permissions to complete setup.

6. Google Site Kit plugin dashboard gives you the overview of all configured services on your website.

With the passage of time, your dashboard looks like:

7. You can also look for detailed report against each service configured for your website by going to each service tab.

Analytics Detailed View:

Search Console Detailed View:

Finally, Google Site Kit is the best ever plugin to configure and analyze all services together. It saves time and does not effect your website speed and layout in front end.

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