LUMS students develop tourism app ‘Lahori Khoji’

Students from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) have developed a smartphone application called ‘Lahori Khoji’ as part of their senior year project. The app will provide people with guided tours of Lahore’s walled city.

Dr Ali Usman Qasmi, a professor, and historian at LUMS took to Twitter to announce the launch of the new application as part of World Heritage Day celebrations.

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He shared that the application has been created by students after conducting extensive research. “Students read classical texts on Lahore’s history, made several trips to the walled city, identified key sites, pinned them on google maps, and wrote historical notes about them,” said Qasmi.

His friend and Lahore-based historian, Faizan Abbas Naqvi, also known as Lahore ka Khoji, assisted students with their research and curated their walking trails.

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Faizan helped students in finding relevant sites in the walled city and provided them with historic insights about each location. Hence it was only fitting to name the app Lahori Khoji to honor Faizan Naqvi.

Qasmi also pointed out that the app is a product of research carried out by undergraduate students who are not professional historians. Therefore, if you find any factual errors or misinformation in the app you can reach out to the team to fix them.

The app can be download from Google Play Store.

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