The Best Car Insurance Companies In USA 2022

The Best Car Insurance Companies In USA 2022

Not every auto insurance provider is the same. To understand more about drivers’ experiences with auto insurance, we polled more than 10,000 of them. We paid particular attention to important factors like customer service, claims processing, and brand loyalty. We evaluated the top vehicle insurance providers of 2022 using that information to help you choose the best.

Our statistics from 2022 show that USAA is the finest auto insurance provider, however only military personnel may purchase its insurance policies. If that doesn’t apply to you, State Farm, which ranks No. 2 in our research, is your next best choice.

We looked at rate information as well as policyholder opinion to identify the top auto insurance providers, paying close attention to customer service, claims management, customer loyalty, and policy renewal. We also questioned survey respondents how likely it was that they would suggest their current insurance provider to a driver looking for a new coverage.


According to our ratings, USAA is the top insurance provider. Our poll from 2022 shows that USAA customers are the most satisfied, most willing to renew their insurance, and most likely to refer USAA to other drivers. In our survey, USAA had the lowest rates overall, outperforming the national average by 35%.

Only those in the military community can purchase USAA insurance products, such as car, homes, and renters plans. As a result, not all motorists will qualify for coverage from this insurer.

State Farm

State Farm is No. 2 in our ranking and received ratings that were above average in each of our sub-ratings, including Customer Loyalty and Claims Handling. It also performed well in our ranking of the cheapest car insurance providers for 2022. For drivers who couldn’t acquire coverage with USAA, its average prices for those with less-than-perfect driving histories were the lowest in our assessment.


In our ranking, farmers tie for third place and take the top spots in several of our sub-ratings. It is tied for first place in claims processing and second in customer service and loyalty. When compared to other insurers, Farmers scores lower than average in this category with a score of 4.0, falling short of the 4.2 average. It also has one of the highest average yearly rates among the businesses we rated.


Since our 2021 study, Nationwide has climbed two positions and is now tied for third place. Nationwide receives above-average scores in all of the subrating categories and ranks second in our Customer Loyalty and Most Likely to be Recommended sub ratings. Additionally, certain drivers, particularly those with a clean driving record or bad credit, might get rates from Nationwide that are below average.


With average ratings across the board in areas including Customer Service, Claims Handling, and Customer Loyalty, Geico is ranked third in this year’s ranking. Its prices are what set it apart, earning it the No. 2 place in our ranking of the cheapest car insurance providers for 2022. For juvenile and elderly drivers as well as those with bad credit, its rates trail USAA, which is rated highest.

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